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Cover Your Bike - Motorbike and Motorcycle Covers :: Help zone

Help zone

Question : What colours are the covers and can I have a logo?
Answer :Voyager covers are a Dull Silver and 4 Layer Stormforce covers are Dark Grey, the idea being they are inconspicuous and dont draw attention to your bike underneith. Softech indoor again can be a choice of 11 colour combinations, with or without piping. We are not licenced to "print" logos on covers. If we were you would pay double the price, just to cover the licencing fee. Printing logos on covers also means that the area where the logo is is less breathable and we wont do this as we dont want your car to suffer as a result. If its embroidered on it means you are creating holes in the cover where water can get in.

Question : Im confused, which cover do I need...Voyager, Stormforce or Softech?
Answer : Be sure to check out our cover guides. Basically our VOYAGER is a frequent use, breathable indoor/outdoor cover. Choose this one if your bike is stored in a damp, draughty garage, barn or other external building or left outdoors occasionally. Our UNIQUE range of covers called the STORMFORCE are a 4 layer fully breathable, yet totally waterPROOF outdoor cover, which can also be used indoors. Both Voyager and Stormforce are all pre cut and ready to dispatch immediately. SOFTECH indoor fleece covers are for Sports Bikes only currently.

Question : Are all your covers breathable?
Answer : Yes, we only use breathable materials that are also great in high temperatures.

Question : Do the covers have a soft internal lining?
Answer : Voyagers are smooth on the inside, Tritech and Stormforce covers have a non woven inner lining that is guaranteed not to scratch your bike when ruffled by wind.

Question : How is the cover attached to the bike?
Answer :Both bottom front and rear of the cover are elasticated and there is also a strap with buckles to secure it underneith.

Question : What kind of guarantee do I get?
Answer : There is a 2 year manufacturers guarantee on our Stormforce and Softech Covers and a 1 year manufacturers guarantee with Tritech and Voyager Covers as standard.

Question : Can the cover be put on a wet bike?
Answer : We wouldn't recommend it but you can if you must ( not Softech ) so long as its clean. You are trying to keep water out not in. Always better to let the bike dry naturally than cover wet. Try and make sure the bike is clean before applying the cover as any road dirt trapped between the bike and the cover could be abrasive to the paintwork.

Question : How soon will I get my cover after ordering?
Answer : Delivery is via Courier and is currently FREE throughout the UK, 17 throughout Europe and approx $30 USA and Canada.

Question : If a cover for my bike or scooter is not shown on your website what shall I do?
Answer : We have now added an option where you can simply enter your bike model if its not listed on the drop down.

Question : Does the cover have a storage bag?
Answer : Yes, each cover comes with its own storage bag as standard.

Question : I live outside the UK, can I still order a cover?
Answer : Yes, Our shopping cart displays the price in UK pounds and Euros and we offer a worldwide delivery service. We have a distribution centre in the USA also so delivery is FAST & FURIOUS no matter where you are on the planet.

Question : How can I pay?
Answer : Our online store accepts secure payments via RBS Worldpay ( Visa,Mastercard,Maestro etc ) or over the phone if you'd rather speak to a real person.

Question : Will the delivery of the cover need to be signed for?
Answer : Yes, you will need to sign for the item. If you are not able to, the courier / postal service will leave you a FAILED DELIVERY CARD. You MUST contact them to arrange an alternative collection otherwise they may eventually return the product to us. Should this happen we will have to charge you again for a re-delivery. This is why customers often have their covers sent to their work address. This is no problem for us as you can specify a billing and delivery address at the checkout.

Question :Can I still use my bike lock with the cover on?
Answer : On our Stormforce and Voyager covers yes, we fit special metal eyelets into the bottom / front of all bike covers for this reason. We can also fit Alarms to Stormforce Covers now.

Question :I still have some more questions, can you help me?
Answer : Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you with any questions you may have. You can simply call us on 01744 633985 or if its out of hours you will find our ONLINE LIVE HELP facility manned late into the evening 365 days a year by UK technical staff.
Note : We believe in using the latest technology available to provide the best and safest online shopping experience in the industry. With a huge investment in our state-of-the-art website and internal systems, plus our own in-house developers, you can be sure that the personal information you enter on our website is transmitted securely and safely and welcome and comments customers online shopping experience.  

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